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10 Family Room Interior Design inspiration

Hardly any room of the same family. Even in homes with the same floor plan though, the family room is always left indelible traces in the family who lived there. Each living room has a characteristic that is different. It is a ‘life’ that unites every member of the family is in a house. A wide variety of goods, ranging from books, TV, sofa, and so on, generally the main complement the family room.

Living room interior design is not easy, it is necessary expertise to make it look beautiful, elegant, and certainly comfortable. One is able to combine the right colors and the selection of appropriate furniture as well so that everything can seem mismatched. If you are ‘poor’ idea to design your living room to make it look more impressive, perhaps these images can give you enlightenment.

1. Visual Studio
The family room is reminiscent of the decadence of the 1980s. The designer utilizes a large room by adding a large sofa and chairs, lighting elements kreating, and even sculpture that looks elegant. via »

2. Anhle Arc
Although it looks small and minimalist, but the interior design of the living room is very beautiful and elegant. The selection of furniture and color matching increasingly make this room look beautiful and amazing. via »
3. Paolo Longoni
Gray accents on the walls of this room was used as the theme along with shades of gray that exist on the couch. The texture of different sofas, area rugs, and wood floors add elegance of its own. via »

4. Andrej Šenveter
What happens if your family room technology themed icons such as Facebook? Maybe the result will appear in the image below. Icon Facebook logo and accents of blue-white viscous fill most of the space. via »
5. Angelo Fernandes
A family room which was very nice and comfortable for viewing. Selection of bright colors very precisely coincide with the extent of the windows around it, making the sun can enter into it, which in turn increased the light of this room. via »

6. NW-interior
This relaxing space using natural elements including tulips and pillowcases in her plant design that makes it look feminine and elegant. via »


7. Мария Янголенко
This modern room looks elegant with a mix of interior colors and good lighting, making people feel at home and comfortable in it. via »
8. Andrey Sokruta Interior Design
That there is a large sofa in this room seemed ideal to be placed in that position. In addition, a coffee table that looks short and tall floor lamp makes an interesting impression of vertical levels. via »
9. Ando Studio
A television does not always have to be the focus of the family room. Here, modern fireplace can act as a focal point or the focal point of the room. via »

10. Roman Romanov
The combination of wood flooring and furniture such as sofas make this room look so classic and modern and elegant. The combination of colors in this room really looks so fit and harmonious. via »

Family Room Beautiful Blue Nuance

Nuance Family Room Beautiful Blue Gathered with loved ones is a coveted by everyone. Obviously need a family room fun and not boring. It is not difficult to create a beautiful living room, one of the most convenient way is the play of color in the living room. As an example of color options that we will discuss here is the color shades of blue for a gorgeous family room.

Creating a family room shades of blue is the right choice to look more cool and beautiful. Surely dong everyone wants a comfortable family room as a place to gather together all the inhabitants of the house. Well, the steps that you can do is play of colors that can create the atmosphere of the room more effectively and look beautiful. One example using blue color combined with other colors.
biruContoh nuanced family room Family Room Beautiful Blue Nuance

The family room in addition to beautiful shades of blue also has its own meaning. The blue color means to provide peace and coolness. So if you had a family room which shades of blue, then the space will feel comfortable, quiet, and cool. The blue color is the right choice to serve as the base color on the entire surface dicipratkan family room wall. In order for the living room shades of blue does not look or seem severe, you can choose the color of light blue or navy blue.
colored living room biruRuang beautiful blue nuance Family

Beauty living room shades of blue can you get even by adding some simple furniture. For example, a complete couch along with pillows and should be colored in tune. This is so that the living room more beautiful shades of blue and fun. The blue color also can apply to accessories such as rugs, in addition to adding beauty living room shades of blue, with the carpet can also create an impression of the modern.
biruRuang nuanced family room Beautiful family Nuance Blue

How Do? Are you interested to create a family room that looks beautiful shades of blue? Surely you would be interested in and want to try it. You can apply gave way to create a family room that is beautiful shades of blue on your home. Due to relax and gather with loved ones is a time of equality are highly coveted by every human being.
biruContoh colored family room Family Room Design Nuance Blue

That concept family room are beautiful shades of blue. Hopefully, the confusion can inspire you to organize or to decorate the living room to look more comfortable and beautiful. If this article deserves to be shared with your friends, then can you share to facebook, twitter, and google plus. Hope it is useful.

The advantages of cork floor and rules of operation

The first association that comes to mind when the word jam, of course, related
with cork in a bottle of wine, which is designed to preserve the flavor and quality
wines during storage. However, the most widely used plug found
namely in the construction of gender.
Cork floors are left literally feels like flying, so they also absorb
noise created by stamping and stacking feet. Cork flooring is not an innovation.
Traditionally, cork flooring installed in libraries, churches and other
areas where noise is unacceptable. Interest in cork floors in the West is largely
increased in relation to the presentation of advertising “green” products are harmless
environment. In fact, cork floors completely natural
safe, which is one of their fundamental advantages, as well as
heat at an affordable price, and excellent sound insulation. Materials for
cork floor is cork. For the production of products
cork every nine years to manually remove the bark from the oak tree, with itself
tree does not suffer. It continues to grow and eventually regenerate a new
cortex. After several months of dry, the skin becomes suitable for
manufacture of floors, walls and more. There is great diversity
cork flooring. There are more than 40 colors, the shape of the deck is also diverse.
Depending on the quality of cork – range and price range. Cork
level is divided into floating and adhesive. Floating floors get some popularity
in a residential area for ease of installation. Sticky floors in the main set
in large areas. Before installing a cork floor, make sure
that the basis of sex is dry and clean. Cork flooring can be installed
on the basis of anything, whether concrete, iron, wood and others. small cracks
and defects on the ground floor are easily masked by a cork, and do not require removal.
Floating cork flooring is ideal for homes, the process of installing it
The most simple and requires no special skills. mating deck
cling to each other, but not attached to the basis of gender. Since cork
– A natural substance that can increase the number of high humidity
air, it is recommended to leave small gaps of 10-20 mm along the walls, under the
skirting. Typically, a floating cork floor is sanded and coated with
Cat specialized manufacturer in the company. Cork flooring adhesive
often have to handle yourself, which in principle not difficult to do.
Latex coating prevents the ingress of air into the structure of cork and prevents
the dark. Operation and maintenance of cork closures. In any case,
to extend the life of your floor made of cork, over time, luster
lost, and the surface is scratched, it is necessary to conduct additional polishing
and varnish to freshen up the floor. Thick layer of cork, the warmer
will be your gender, take it into account when planning the purchase of coverage. Cork
sex, does not require any – no special care products. It can be damp wash
cloth, but do not use cleaning products containing abrasives or
solvent. In the store you can find special detergents for traffic jams.
But there are traffic jams and dangerous enemy – the rubber, which in interaction
leaves with a cork difficult effects. So do not wear shoes
home with a rubber sole. Mats with rubber surface and better
not used in floor with a cork finish. It is worth remembering, and that
cork flooring bright sunlight action. Therefore, planning
installing a cork floor, there will be more than keep the windows closed with
special coating of UV light. Although cork flooring because of
natural porous structure and elasticity and gets back into shape after
pressings and dents will still be useful for the feet of chairs, tables
and other furniture, or attach a felt cork coasters. Heels – Studs
also can leave deep marks on the surface of the cork floor
Avoid walking in them on the floor, so you extend the life.
Another important quality of cork is hypoallergenic, and
resistance to insects. No matter how good cork floor, he
do not last forever. However, with proper care, in compliance with the operating instructions
He will long to please you and your family.

5 Materials Flooring For Your Kitchen Leisure

modern-kitchen-island--designswiki-comwp-contentThe material also affects your comfort in activity, including activity in the kitchen. One floor coating material. Ceramic is the most preferred material but actually there are many other choices of materials. Here are five of the material that may improve the comfort and safety in your kitchen.

This material is the material at an affordable price. Vinyl is sold in the form of sheet and tile with different views. To add color in the kitchen, you can use this material because it looks bright. Compared with other floor coatings are elastic, vinyl does not have comparable strength and a relatively short life.

Cork flooring Start glance Interior Design Expert

cork 3Cork floor or floors of cork quietly began to steal the attention of interior design. The colors are beautiful, could be an alternative option for those who are bored with marble floors. Floorings this one is no less than marble. Not only that, cork flooring is also made of environmentally friendly materials.

Reporting from interiorholic, Monday (12/09/2013), this cork material derived from plantations garbage and not exposed to chemicals. Cork flooring has several advantages over other flooring materials. As in terms of durability, strength and soft. In addition, the floor is also very elastic, does not contain chemicals and non-flammable. In addition to fire-resistant, cork flooring is also resistant to corrosion.

Another advantage of cork flooring is also not left a trail of furniture even though it has been years. And also the installation of cork flooring is also easy and fast. Besides having many advantages, cork flooring maintenance is also easy. Quite as usual floor mop with a damp cloth.

Not only placed on the floor, cork flooring can also be installed on the ceiling and wall surfaces. The technique is also easy installation, similar to the installation of most other tiles.

linoleum, floor of environmental friendly

cork 5The floor is an important part of a house. almost every activity we do certainly above the floor. However, but the floor as long as possible boring, if it occurs may flooring linoleum flooring may be an option
Indeed, this type of floor is not much that mnegetahui, possibly including you. Linoleum flooring is a floor covering made from flax seed mixed with wood flour or cork dust and taped media base fiber cloth or canvas. Because the material is made from natural, it can be said floor environmentally friendly flooring.

The choice of colors and designs vary so flexible for today’s designs. This product can be an alternative home floor coatings, floor commercial area, and even hospitals. Those advantages are because it is readily installed, maintained, and cleaned. To install it, you just need a flat surface such as cement floor, and then given a special adhesive.

Linoleum flooring is an environmentally friendly material that is easily parsed again by land. This is what makes it popular use in Europe. Europe’s notoriously strict in the selection of building materials. Most developers and designers tend to choose environmentally friendly materials. Other linoleum excellence that is because this material has a relatively high resistance to heat. He is more fire resistant than plastic and cloth

Many people who thought the same with vinyl linoleum. In fact, the two are very different. The most fundamental difference lies in the base ingredients. Vinyl is made of PVC or plastic. Meanwhile, linoleum is made from 100 percent natural. By doing so, linoleum materials that are environmentally friendly. Linoleum has three types, marmoleum, artoleum, and Walton. The difference of three contained in the color patterns.

As the name implies, mamoleum patterned marble. So also with color, similar to the color of the marble. Artoleum has three different motifs, ie plain, crocodile skin, and freckles cloud. And, walton has a wood grain pattern, concrete, and a contemporary design. Not to be confused to make a choice. If you like ketinganya, you can combine all three types linomeum momotong-cut manner in accordance with the wishes.

parquet wood floor care tips

6Currently on the market there are several types of parquet flooring. Some are made of hard wood shaped pieces. Some are made of hardwood plywood covered with veneer. The first type offers authenticity, while the second offers a parquet flooring installation practicality.

Once you decide to use a parquet floor main thing is to take good care, because choosing wood flooring means need extra care. Due to lack of proper treatment can damage the floor that can be considered “sensitive” is.
There are many products that promise parquet flooring because it has been coated with a scratch resistant anti-scratch. Still, when care needs to be done well. Beriukut wood floor care tips:

– Caring for hardwood floors should be done with caution. It was done so that the beauty of the parquet floor can be maintained. When cleaning wood floors using a soft broom made of feathers. It is important that the wood surface from being scratched.

– In addition junakan too dry cloth, dah avoid using a damp cloth because water can seep into the pores of the wood flooring and can cause damage. However there are many products that promise package flooring is scratch resistant and can not be infiltrated water.

– To relieve the wood floor care, you can use the carpet on it. Carpets can protect the wood flooring to area residents often impassable. Maintenance and cleaning carpets is also still preferred to keep dust down and contaminate the wood floor.

– In order to keep it looking beautiful hardwood floors, poleslah with lemon oil once a month. This type of oil is considered safe for family activities. Among the advantages and disadvantages that wood floors, could be a consideration when you are choosing the type of flooring.

– Avoid using heavy footwear or high heels because it will cause a difficult oresan or indentation missing on your hardwood floors.

– Avoid sliding or drag furniture or other heavy objects on the hardwood floor and use the pads on the bottom of the furniture to keep the surface so you do not cause permanent damage.

With proper care and maintenance, wood floors usually last for decades.


Understanding is the bottom floor of a room, which has an important role to strengthen the existence of objects that are in the room. Floor function in general are: to support the activities in space and form a space character. When people walk on the floor, then the characters that appear are: durable, non-slip and neutral color (non-dominant). Floor of the house used to put items such as chairs, tables, cabinets, and so on, and supports a wide range of activities such as walking, kids running, sitting on the floor, and others.
In terms of structure, the load received by the floor sometimes quite large, for example when we move heavy objects like cabinets by dragging. Thus floor has an important role to support the loads directly from the goods and activity on it.
In terms of aesthetics, the floor serves to beautify the space and shape the character of the room. Theme colors and images displayed can take whatever appropriate character concept raised. Some of the themes that can be applied like traditional ethnic, modern minimalist, retro and so on.

Terms of flooring material
Because the function of each room in the shelter vary, so for different floor design. Terms of flooring materials include: a safe, durable, strong, moisture-proof, easy to clean and absorb heat. Floor covering material that is warm is: carpet, parquet, cork, rubber, while the material is cold are: marble, ceramic, granite.
In some space must be installed floor coarse textured material, such as: bathroom, terrace and garage. The bathroom is the most frequently exposed to water, so slippery and the risk of causing the user to slip. Similarly, the terrace when exposed to rain splashed, must be installed flooring material coarser user to avoid the risk of slipping. In the garage, rough texture function to avoid slippage due to the friction between the tires and the front floor, especially when the vehicle after the rain. For the kitchen wearing flooring material that is easy to clean and does not leave stains in the pores of the floor and grout connections that may interfere with the beauty of the floor. Living room, family room and bedroom can use flooring materials with smooth and shiny surface.

The size of the floor material
The size of the floor material, especially marble, granite, tile, and terrazzo (tiles), will affect the impression of space. If small or narrow space (bedroom, bathroom), select the size of the material into small anyway to give the impression of the room. As for the spacious room (living room, family room), large-sized materials will help balance the broad impression of space.

Type of flooring material
Here are some types of flooring materials with different characteristics for consideration of applications in space.

• Plaster (concrete)
This type of material classified as the simplest and most inexpensive, because treated like when plastering and diaci until smooth. But the difference with the treatment on the walls of floor polishing step is carried out until smooth and glossy. Posed the same color with the color of cement-sand and tend to be darker.
In some applications done with evenly (covering) in the spacious living room, has a weakness when the crack can not be replaced with material and should be patched. Fillings that appear aesthetic look good. However, the application of the module, will reduce the risk of patches that affect not get a delicious view of aesthetics.

• Ceramic
This type of material is very commonly used. Ceramics have high wear flexibility and can be applied to almost all parts of the house. In addition to strong, house floor of ceramic material also does not require polishing and easy to maintain. Impression of the ceramic material is warm. Currently a variety of textures tiles that are sold in the market, which is visually similar to other types of material. For example: textured ceramic marble, granite, wood, stone, brick, and so on.

• Marble
Marble much preferred because it has a luxurious and classy character. Texture and pattern of irregular and limited natural supply makes this material. Marble material has a cold and strong impression. Marble weakness is having relatively large pores. Marble relatively large pores requires extra care. This is because marble is easy to absorb fluids and like carpet, leaving a stain if not quickly cleaned up.
Besides expensive, marble is also expensive in maintenance and needed a special way to clean it. Worth if the marble is a material that is classy and luxurious floor, so that only users who have excess funds are able to apply it in a dwelling.

• Granite
Granite has pores are tighter, so it has less likely to enter the water and dirt. Granite has a cool and memorable impression of sturdiness. Granite rocks derived from granite hill or mountain. However, in line with developments in technology, today has provided artificial granite with a more diverse motives and cheaper price.

• Wood
The most common is the parquet floor (parquette), which is derived from the word parquetry. Wood material has a warm and natural impression. In addition to coming from solid wood, parquet material today comes from non-wood materials such as bamboo. The other type is a laminate which is processed wood surface is the result of printing.

• Stone
Natural stone materials are also often used as flooring materials include stone slabs and stone salagedang. Usually apart on the floor, many are also used in the garden or taped on the fence, and on the interior wall of home. Both rock types is quite resistant to weather, though looking stone texture more or less uniform is not easy, plus the width of the grout between the stones are not uniform. But it just adds to the room becomes more natural. The rock material has a cold impression.

Choosing the Right Flooring For Your New Home

Because the floor is a key element for any design space in your new home, you have to ask yourself a series of questions so you can be sure to choose the right floor by the design, location, lifestyle and budget.

The first step in choosing a floor is to decide what look and feel what you want for each room or an entire room of your house. Remember, the floor is the key design elements that you need to spend some time to choose the right material (wood, carpet, cork, bamboo or ceramic), color, pattern, texture and even forms for each room.

Thanks to printing and embossing technology today, it is difficult to say the material completely original because it is very similar to the original. Your final selection depends on a combination of factors such as: personal preferences, location, budget and your lifestyle.

Wood is currently raises a variety of options to complete the interior decoration of the traditional wood such as oak and pine for the more exotic. When you pair them with a great choice, width, surface texture and edge detail elegant, you can create a space that is truly unique.

A really good laminate can mimic the look and feel of wood, stone, brick and ceramic in detail by using a high-resolution photo of the original material. It can be easy to clean surface that resists spills and protects the floor from stains or fading, so you have a floor that looks elegant and clean.

Equally impressive is the vinyl, which have thousands of designs and thanks to a new technology that looks and feels like natural materials such as wood, limestone, slate and ceramic.

The original linoleum is made from natural ingredients including linseed oil, mineral pigments, limestone and ground cork or wood, which makes it very resilient flooring. It was very lively, color create designs that are created from the traditional image with a more contemporary flecked pattern and solid color.

Now you know what design choices and you need to figure out what is the best floor in a particular location. For example, a floor for bathroom complete with shower or bath can break puddles and humidity fluctuations. Wood, gap or warp when subjected to waterlogging or humidity, not the best choice for bathrooms. The better choice is ceramic and vinyl sheets are practical and resistant to water. Laminate, linoleum, and vinyl tile is a good option, but precautions need to add a special waterproofing around density.

Next you need to find the right flooring choice if your home has more than one floor because it will affect your choice of flooring. For the top floor you need to use wood, laminate, sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, ceramic and linoleum. You should be enough time for the concrete to dry sufficiently before installing your floor. This is especially true for hardwood that can expand when installed over concrete that has too much moisture.

For downstairs, you may have a moisture problem that affects your floor. Downstairs are susceptible to damage from moisture, especially for wooden floors, because it is not recommended for downstairs. However, engineered wood can be used on the lower floor. But be careful to look for maximum moisture emission levels recommended for the particular product that you will use.

Choosing the floor is not just a matter of appearance. Floors should fit your lifestyle. Do you have children or if you are planning to have children? Do you have pets? If you do not want to slip? How much of your time to maintain the cleanliness of your floor? Are you concerned with indoor air quality, allergy or smell?

Once you consider it, the location and lifestyle is the most important consideration for your budget. You need to also think about the durability of the floor that you choose (based on your lifestyle).
Due to natural sunlight or ultraviolet light (UV) can change the color of the floor, be careful of what materials you choose and what room you are using. Some hardwood species are darker, more resistant color over time when exposed to direct sunlight. So it is necessary to consider various aspects of the above before selecting the right material to use for your floor.

Brain Problems of Drug Risk Students ‘Smart’

5More than one million American students abusing prescription drugs in the hope of improving attention, memory or their energy levels. But taking these drugs can cause long-term disruption in the functioning of the brain, recent research has shown animals.

“Smart drugs” which can improve brain performance in the short term seems to have a lasting effect on the developing brain, making them less adaptable to multitasking, forward planning and organizing, the researchers say.

The human brain continues to develop into the 20s and 30s, especially the prefrontal cortex, a region involved in planning and decision-making, said Dr. Wen-Jun Gao, a neuroscientist at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia. [10 Facts Every Parent Should Know About Teen their brains]
Improve brain drug can increase the release of brain chemicals such as dopamine, which can improve memory, learning and motivation in the short term. However, as with anything, “if it’s too much, it’s not good,” said Gao, who co-authored a paper summarizing the research on the long-term effects of brain-enhancing drugs, which was published on Tuesday (May 13) in the journal Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience.

“Any drug that stimulates the release of dopamine too much can cause problems,” said Gao Live Science.

Drugs ‘Smart’

The most popular drugs to improve mental performance methylphenidate, better known as Ritalin or concert, which is prescribed to treat people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). 1.3 million American teens has abused methylphenidate in the previous month, according to a survey conducted by the Partnership at and MetLife Foundation.

Studies in rats have shown that even teenagers low doses of methylphenidate may affect brain development by damaging the nerve activity, memory and the ability to switch between work tasks.

Improve brain drug other popular including modafinil, sold as Provigil, a drug used to treat people with narcolepsy and other sleep disorders, as well as for vigilance by US Air Force pilots. Modafinil may improve memory, alertness and ability of numbers, and is estimated to increase the levels of dopamine in the synapse between brain cells. But drugs can have long-term effects similar to methylphenidate, research shows.

The US military is currently investigating another class of drugs called ampakines, to raise awareness of soldiers’. Drug binds to receptors in the nervous system to improve and strengthen the neural signals of neural connections. Ampakines been found to improve memory and cognition in healthy human volunteers and in mice, but could pose a threat to the young brain.

Abuse of these drugs can overstimulate the nervous system, damage or kill cells, the researchers said.