Inspiration Room Decoration Modern Kitchen

2 3The kitchen at home can be a place that provides comfort for the whole family. Of course, that influenced the design that we apply in the kitchen. Some interesting choices for kitchen interior design such as modern, minimalist, classic to contemporary. However, we can only apply one single design. It should be considered in applying the design is influenced by a wide variety of rooms. The larger kitchen we have then we will also have easy to do decoration.
One of the things that allows us to design a kitchen interior modern kitchen. Of course this requires a fairly good preparation. Given furniture and kitchen equipment used must also be quite interesting and should be able to integrate well with the rest of the modern kitchen design. Some homeowners prefer to focus on the layout of the furniture used in addition to providing additional design in some parts of the room. We can benefit from the walls, ceiling and floor of the kitchen in accordance with the conditions in the kitchen. However, we also have the option to be part of the kitchen is also getting attention. As in the use of ceramic floor with a fairly dark color on a certain wall or we can also apply a transparent wall.
Design Modern Kitchen Furniture & Cabinets

Some of the furniture which can be used to design modern kitchen cabinets cabinets in various sizes, oven integrated with other equipment, and multifunction table located in one part of the kitchen. For now we can use modern kitchen cabinets that have interesting and unique design. Cabinet that we can use some parts of the room. To get more attention should we use a large closet furniture. In addition allows us to store a variety of equipment, we are also able to take advantage of the design of cabinets to add a modern look in the kitchen. Cabinets are used consists of the top and bottom. The second part of the closet is on the same wall but separated from one another section.
Necessary equipment such as an oven in the kitchen can also provide a modern impression in the kitchen. This equipment is usually always integrated directly with the cabinet. We can put the equipment in accordance with the wishes of each of us. In the modern kitchen also need a table and chairs. However, the furniture it should be with an attractive design as well. We can choose an ergonomic chair that can add charm in a modern kitchen. Overall color in this modern kitchen should consist of one dominant color like purple.

Advantages of Having Traditional Kitchen Supplies

2Although modern kitchen equipment was chosen because of its elegant design and practical function, there’s nothing wrong you know if you still maintain some kind of traditional functional equipment. Besides made handmade using natural ingredients that are more environmentally friendly, traditional kitchen equipment is also believed to increase the flavor becomes more delicious cuisine with tempting aromas.

For those of you who want to have a more enjoyable cooking experience with traditional kitchen equipment, here are a variety of classic must-have equipment in accordance with the recommendation of a renowned medical journalist, Judy Asman and article titled Traditional Kitchen Equipments:

cutting board

Traditional cutting board made of wood is one of the traditional kitchen equipment that you must have. In addition to more durable and have a strong surface of the incision knife, wood is also known to have anti-bacterial properties that make the quality of food is maintained. In addition, the traditional cutting boards are also not issued a hazardous chemical substances despite scratches knife every day.

Pestle and mortar or mortar

Grind which is a tool to grind chillies and traditional spices are also required in the list of your kitchen equipment. Traditional kitchen furniture is made of wood, stone, or clay is shaped like a plate and fitted grinder. You can choose a mortar made of stone to grind spices, or also of wood and clay that is lighter and practical. Although its use is not practical as a blender, kitchen equipment has advantages on the resulting smooth flavor aroma and delicacy of flavor dishes more perfect, especially for the type of traditional Indonesian food that comes with a sauce.

Bamboo Basket

Bamboo basket used for storing tubers such as potatoes and onions also have to have in your kitchen. In addition to having a beautiful design and suitable to decorate a beautiful kitchen at home, traditional kitchen equipment is capable of storing herbs and tubers in a longer time. In addition, bamboo basket is also very suitable as containers of fruits and other foods served with the main menu for the family.

Spoon or stirrer

Spoon or stirrer traditionally made from coconut shell, wood, or bamboo can be used in your cooking process. Besides safe for liquids or foods that are still hot, the type of cooking equipment is also not rust, anti-bacterial, and more durable is used in the cooking process every day. The material that is safe for the health of all family members are able to make dishes become more delicious and healthy.

Following the times do not have to make you have all kinds of equipment that a modern and practical kitchen. You still can choose the type of traditional kitchen tools that are environmentally friendly, good for health, and functional for everyday cooking. Do not forget to always choose cooking utensils, cutlery, and other traditional kitchen equipment, having regard to the quality that you can enjoy the cooking process easier and fun.

High Definition

dinning 1The room used for cooking or making food, that understanding the kitchen. Because the kitchen is a place to cook and put anything at random because of the effect of a rush of cooking either burnt dishes and so on, so it can be said the kitchen is one room that is often messy and dirty.
Therefore for today many kitchens that have a compelling model with a wide range of furniture for storing goods or cooking equipment regularly so as not to fall apart. Maybe for some people the easiest way to organize the cooking equipment in the kitchen is to add a hanger or hook to save some cooking utensils that can be hung.
Design the your kitchen into a minimalist kitchen, use your creative side to design a minimalist kitchen in your house, because the kitchen is a minimalist kitchen that is equipped with a kitchen set and lots of kitchen cabinets that you can use to put cooking utensils. So you no longer need to make a hanger or hook in your kitchen for a minimalist kitchen is complete.
If your kitchen looks clean and tidy, certainly you will feel comfortable while cooking. With a comfortable kitchen, the cook will be more fun and the result would be the maximum that your food will taste better, because the dishes taste depends on the mood of people who are cooking. Design the kitchen you with beautiful, then your mood will also be always nice and cook became cool. Here we attach some sample pictures kitchen with a minimalist model, with a kitchen like this in the kitchen you will always neat.

Kitchen Backsplash Material to Protect Kitchen Wall

Kitchen back splash materials will be the main solution you when you have an experience where there is a lot of dirt on the walls of your kitchen, especially those near the stove or oven. This debris is usually derived from the spark of the pot on your stove top. This is why dirt may tarnish your kitchen wall because there are several colors of foods that are difficult to clean.

How to protect your kitchen wall of dirt?
In order to protect your kitchen wall of any kind of dirt that may stick to it, you can install the spark back into your kitchen wall. The kitchen back splash will be better mounted in a room near the area of preparation and stove area in your kitchen. When you use a back splash, dirt from the pan will not reach the walls of your kitchen. In addition, the dirt is splashed into the kitchen back splashes could be cleaner easier.

What to look for from the kitchen back splash choice of materials?
To select the best material for your kitchen back splash you might want to consider a few things first. For example, the material used must be durable, so you can use it again. should also be easy to maintain, so you do not need to do things that are difficult to clean and maintain it. It would be better if you can find a kitchen back splash material that matches the theme of the kitchen, so they will make your kitchen look more beautiful.

The best material that you can use for the kitchen back splash
There are many types of kitchen back splashes of materials that you can use as your kitchen back splash. We will give some to you in this article so you can find one that will be better suited to your own needs such as:

Glass kitchen back splash: The first ingredient that you can try to use a glass material. This material is very beautiful because it can create a beautiful reflection of your kitchen. This material is suitable for the modern kitchen because the glass is one that considers modern materials. Glass material that you can use is tempered glass that will last longer. There is a frosted glass and transparent glass in a variety of colors that will make your kitchen more beautiful.
Stone kitchen back splash: The second material that you can try to use stone material. This material has a more natural beauty that would be suitable for natural or traditional themed kitchen. This material also has a high resistance because it is made of hard rock material so it will be easier for you to maintain it. You can also use this material for a long time.
Ceramic kitchen back splash: The third material that you can try to use is a ceramic material. This material is the most popular material because it is very affordable so many people choose to use this material for spark material behind them. There are many types of designs that you can apply from this material, so that you can find ceramic kitchen back splash design materials that would be more suited to your kitchen area no matter what theme you use in the kitchen.

Round Glass Dining Tables Unique Style

Glass dining table may already like other dining table, except that the table top made of glass and with the support of a good buffer metal, wood, ceramics and others. But there are also some supporters glass dining table pedestal also made of glass, but it is not a common design which can be found in any stores furniture. Having this kind of dining table can add some class to your dining room and at the same time maintaining the proper function of your dining table. placement can be used at home anything from a simple, minimalist house, as well as modern home.

What will you see in the showcase today is a unique style of round glass dining table. Although it’s just a simple table top is round, but still has a design that is unique in the sense that the holder or the supporting part of the table is made of different materials and styles in different ways just to attract buyers. So roll down and see it for yourself designs round glass dining table our unique style.
Antique Mirror Glass Dining Table
The basis of this table round glass dining table consists of lines antiqued mirror glass and glass marred used for table tops.

Glass Dining Table Dark Espresso 48 – Inch Tempered
The combination of well-made, the basic design is the Olympic rings and thick glass makes it look sophisticated dining table.
Glass Dining Table Homelegance Stardust 3 Piece Dining Room Set in Espresso
Glass Dining Table Homelegance Star Hill 3 Piece Dining Room Set in Cherry
Contemporary stylish glass dining table, to table this may increase the elegance of your dining room.

Brick Backsplash Ideas For Kitchen Warm and Inviting

modern living 2In the kitchen there are many elements that have the possibility of becoming a focal point. Usually the walls are painted in a neutral color, sometimes with accent walls, the furniture has a uniform appearance and equipment also share similar characteristics. Among the elements that usually stand out we can mention the hardware, lighting fixtures and backsplash.

In the kitchen, backsplash is a must-have. And because it is not really optional, most of the time people choose to turn it into a multifunctional element that also serves as a decorative detail. There are many options that you can choose for the backsplash. A brightly colored backsplash will stand out with bold colors and artistic backsplash will be impressed at the different levels. But if you want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the kitchen, brick backsplash is a great idea. Texture and pattern of simple and very popular and brick backsplash will arrange to make the kitchen feel cozy and inviting.

A brick backsplash is a relatively simple details and tend to have a feel of the industry. So to make it integrates beautifully into the entire decor you can also use the chandelier industry or many other small details that will suit this style. Similarity can also be associated with color, texture and pattern so that there are also other possibilities

Type Backsplash in Kitchen Space

modern living 3Backsplash is a panel in the rear portion kitchen or singki that prevents from oil or water splash. In essence, this panel may be made out of materials that smooth water and oil that corresponds to the function earlier. Various types of packaging materials should be used as a backsplash. Between the corresponding materials are as follows:

Jubin – Jubin be found in various sizes, shapes and materials. For backsplash panels should use a larger size aims to facilitate cleaning and Organizing.
Acrylic – Acrylic glass is slippery surfaces instance but done rather than plastic materials. He brought with various attractive colors and may be selected by their suitability form.
Stainless Steel – This industrial materials now have a place in the hearts of the designer form kerana resistant nature restless and easily organized. Packaging is most suitable if you have a form of modern and contemporary homes.
Marble – marble has a slightly ascending pattern of packaging because it is the stone semulajadi. It may be found in various sizes -bagai shaped tile or in larger pieces and suitability of its use will follow.

Granite – In addition to marble, granite is also the original stone so. This granite Packaging has various attractive colors chosen should follow their suitability form.
Selection of the best materials depends on your choice. Are you sure it is necessary to choose a good material, which has high durability and consistent with their concept of the desired shape.

Materials for kitchen backsplash design

modern living 1backsplash
Your kitchen can accent your kitchen and it can be functional as well as beautiful as it can be made from easy to clean materials such as ceramic and stainless steel kitchen backsplashes are two types of the most popular … Do you change the appearance of the backsplash or adding this one can be a way fast and easy to brighten existing kitchen

When choosing a backsplash, it is important to match the fixtures in your kitchen, but not the equipment, because they will change from time to time. Equipment but more permanent items in the kitchen.

The most popular materials for kitchen backsplashes are ceramic or porcelain tiles, natural stone tiles, glass tiles or metal, and faux painting or wall paper.

Kitchen backsplash material for consideration

When you create a kitchen backsplash consider the ingredients:

Ceramic or porcelain tiles
Natural stone tiles
glass tile
metal roof
Fake painting or wall paper durable
stainless Steel

tile backsplashes

The nice thing about using tile as backspash is that he comes is a variety of sizes, colors, textures and shapes. It is even possible to have custom painted tiles to match any design theme. Additionally, tile backsplash can be easy to install, and easy to clean. Many design experts say that you should consider keeping it simple by choosing the same tile for your kitchen backsplash because you have chosen for the floor – just in a smaller size.

Natural stone tiles

Natural stone tiles are the most popular are marble and granite. Natural stone, marble captures more detail than granite and since it is a soft stone that is good for applications such as kitchen backsplashes.

metal roof

This material may work very well for use in country style kitchen backsplashes. The tiles can be installed as the entire surface of the table to the bottom of the wardrobe. Aluminum tiles either to modern or retro kitchen design in the 1950s. Metal roof should match the color of the tap and lighting.

glass tile

The new design trends in kitchen backspashes is glass. Textured glass tile is usually installed between cabinets and counters. Glass is easy to clean and scratch resistant.

Wallpapering kitchen backsplashes

Wallpapering kitchen backslashes can dress up a kitchen with very little work especially with pre-pasted wallpaper it will be much easier to implement. You will find that with a small area for the backsplash job should not take a long time to complete. Just make sure that you choose a wallpaper that is washable so that spattering from cooking and splashes can be removed.
Stainless Steel kitchen backsplashes

Stainless steel backsplashes will come back in style because they can create a modern streamlined look for your kitchen. Types of kitchen backsplashes able to blend in well with stainless steel kitchen appliances such as stove, refrigerator and dishwasher. Another advantage for stainless steel kitchen backsplashes include being easy to clean up and durability.

Want to view the Modern Kitchen? Complete the following checklist

things – things that need to be done to realize the modern and attractive kitchen.

How important is the presence of the kitchen in your home? Whether its presence is only for cooking or is there another desire that you want to achieve through your kitchen? As we know, the kitchen has become an important part to support the appearance of your home. In order to view the kitchen into a modern, attractive, and not monotonous, there are features – special features that should you present. However, keep in mind that the feature – the special features do not even make the kitchen too full and not practica. Features – features and items that you choose should be able to make activities in the kitchen easier and more practical, so that the activity will not be boring you cook.

Therefore, in choosing the features – features a modern kitchen appliances, you need to consider your needs as well as the family. The size and design must fit with the orientation, design, as well as the concept of the house, so that the existence of this kitchen can strengthen the character of your home.

Before you perform on your kitchen remodeling to make it looks to be an interesting, here are some checklist that can help you realize a modern kitchen and interesting:

1. Ceramic Backsplash

Kitchen backsplash or wall used to counteract splash and splash oil is one part of the kitchen that would attract the attention of everyone entering the kitchen. Backsplash beautiful, modern, and to complement with features – features a kitchen that would otherwise be able to make your kitchen look impressive. To still look stylish and attractive, backsplash chosen should lasting, durable, and easy to clean.

mosaic tile backsplash
Therefore, the ceramic is the most appropriate material used as your kitchen backsplash. Made from black ceramic backsplash will look modern, shiny, and elegant. Backsplash is also able to complement with other kitchen appliances, such as stainless steel. As an alternative, you can also try white ceramic backsplash with a net. This white backsplash to complement well with the classical concept kitchen, with wood floors and wooden kitchen appliances as well. Moreover, the backsplash is also able to make the kitchen look more spacious and bright, because the white color perfectly capable of reflecting light. While the backsplash of ceramic material colors – colors will make your modern kitchen become more cheerful and lively.

Finally, if you are confused in determining the backsplash to match the color of your kitchen, you can customize the color of your floor. This will make your kitchen more in tune and conceptualized.

2. Sink with large capacity

Washing dishes in a large tub will be much easier and efficient than washing dishes in a small tub. Small sink that will trouble us when will wash large kitchen utensils, such as pans, teflon, frying, and much more. In addition, a narrow kitchen sink would not be able to accommodate cookware and tableware that much. A large sink could be a focal point in your kitchen. For that, do not responsibility – responsibility in choosing a sink. Choose a large tub, good quality, and able to blend with the design and appearance backsplash, flooring, appliances kictchen, and features – features another kitchen.
If your kitchen has a view that little classic and traditional, then sink piringnyapun have to adjust to the look of the kitchen. You can choose the tub with the old model made of porcelain or copper.

3. Kitchen appliances that can be folded / stored

Kitchen appliances that can be folded / stored (folded) and are only used when needed makes the work in the kitchen easier, practical, and fun. In general, Kitchen appliances of this type also has a minimalist design and shape, smooth, with a shiny appearance. Select kitchen appliances that berkualiats good, durable, and long lasting. You can choose kitchen appliances made of metal, such as nickel, chromium, or bronze.

4. The modern cooking equipment

References to modern cooking equipment and good quality you can get from the show – cooking shows on TV. For example, you can choose a refrigerator with a minimalist design, sleek, with the size and capacity large enough so as to accommodate a food that is quite a lot. However, note also features greater energy efficiency in kichen appliances that you select. Do not get lured by the size and features of the cooking equipment, to forget the amount of electricity needed.
Or, you can buy or order a set of cooking utensils which usually has a design and color matching, making it easier for you to realize a modern kitchen and a corresponding thematic concept. Finally, note also the presence of goods – other additional items, crate grill or grill, trash, the counter. You probably will not be too frequent use of goods – goods, for it provide a closet or storage area to store goods – goods.